MAZ’E BAYT / What is Home (away) in Tel Aviv

The retreat will look at space of home as a basis for artistic, cultural, social and urban production and explore new critical possibilities that it can offer, between private and public realms. The retreat is built around the exploration of the notion of home as a fluctuating and evolving idea and reality, while considering the potential model of the art residency as a platform of critical exchange among participating artists, their extended family members and the public. The specialization of the retreat is in developing a terminology and set of artistic tools which can contribute to new imaginations, in which home is reappropriated as a timely artistic, social and urban frontier.

The retreat will end with an open house event celebrating the culmination Home Frankfurt-Tel-Aviv exchange project, capturing the overall initiative conducted over the last two years, as well as the outcomes of the artistic research retreat conducted on site over only 36 hours.