Rosa Wernecke

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Rosa Wernecke born in 1986, lives and works in Berlin and Frankfurt. She studied Applied Theater Studies in Gießen and Media Arts in Cologne. She is a co-founder of the feminist performance and media collective Swoosh Lieu and the FLINT* network gefährliche arbeit. As a light and video artist, she works in the field of performance, dance, installation and new music, among others with Simone Dede Ayivi, Katharina Pelosi, Heinrich Horwitz, Sarah Nemtsov, Rose Beermann, Iva Sveshtarova, LukasUnd and FuturIIKonjunktiv.

In 2013, she spent the year as a research assistant with a focus on scenic work and dramaturgy at the Institute for Theater, Film and Media Studies of the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, where she supervised the practical study projects. She has taught lighting design and stage machinery at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies in Giessen and Performance Studies in Hamburg and has given workshops at the Stückemarkt of the Berlin Theatertreffen and the Berlin Theatertreffen der Jugend. From 2015 to 2016 she worked in the technical production and video department of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company (formerly: The Forsythe Company). In 2018 she received the postgraduate scholarship “Artistic Research” of the Hessian Theater Academy and was artist in residence at the Villa Kamogawa of the Goethe Institute Kyoto in Japan. For 2020/2021, she has received a scholarship for the Cultural Academy Tarabya in Istanbul.

Here is Rosa Wernecke’s Vimeo Page.

Scholarships and residencies

  • 2020 Artist in residence at bauhaus reuse Ernst-Reuter-Platz Berlin
  • 2020 Kulturakademie Tarabya Istanbul (postponed to 2021)
  • 2018 Villa Kamogawa Kyoto, Goethe Institut
  • 2018 postgraduate scholarship „Artistic Research“ Hessischen Theaterakademie
  • 2014 Fleetstreet Hamburg
  • 2013 Implantieren auf Naxos, Naxoshalle Frankfurt / Halle 2, Frankfurt LAB
  • 2012 Scholarship Marianne Ingenwerth Stiftung

Work History

WolfsgesängeSarah Nemtsov, Heinrich Horwitz, Rosa Wernecke

Still aus Wolfsgesänge


Who Reclaims?!Swoosh Lieu

Szenenfoto auf dem Dach des Studierendenwohnheim in Ginnheim, im Hintergrund der Mond und die Skyline, im Vordergrund in goldenen Ballonbuchstaben und in buntem Licht die Aufschrift: We Reclaim.
Who Reclaims?! — 1


Who Moves?!

Düsseldorf Deutschland
Who Moves?! Frankfurt LAB, 2017 — 1
Who Moves?! Frankfurt LAB, 2017 — 1


Treffen TotalTreffen Total Team

Still aus der Dokumentation zu Treffen Total 2016
Treffen Total K3 Kampnagel Hamburg 22. April 2016; Raumfotos, Pausenbilder Ort: Raum 1. Stock. © Wolfgang Unger