93 Slats Of One And The Same Series Always Stay Parallel


Project Types

  • Performance

In their first work for the stage, Swoosh Lieu explore the possibilities inherent in the theatrical means and media that characterize the collective’s work – light, sound, video, set. They build a machine of sounds and images and as theater machinists produce soundscapes and visual landscapes using the tools of their trade. The theatrical installation on stage creates an imaginary space that plays with the perception of its viewers. Shifting sizes and measurements are artistically explored and presented with the help of an everyday object: a window blind, which translates the principles of media art into the black box.

Project Details


  • Johanna Castellconcept, stage, performance
  • Juliane Krembergconcept, video, performance
  • Katharina Pelosiconcept, sound, performance
  • Rosa Werneckeconcept, light, performance


Project History