Grundriss #1


Hasan Küskün, Istanbul

Project Types

  • Film
  • Installation

This installation is dedicated to situationist utopias of public space. Swoosh Lieu ask what happens when the layout of an apartment is translated to a city, as they transfer the private rooms of a living space onto the map of Istanbul. Hasan lives out his everyday life here. His private activities such as shaving in the morning, taking a nap in the afternoon, preparing a meal, cleaning the space, thus become interventions in public spaces. The filmed portrait of the metropolis of Istanbul is subsequently transferred into a new urban environment in form of a video installation. The audience takes a seat with the setting of an urban living room to contemplate Hasan’s urban interventions. And while settling down in the middle of the city to observe Hasan, they have simultaneously made themselves at home in their own city – just as Hasan transformed the metropolis into a domestic setting.

Why not set a higher value on dispersal? Instead of living in just one place, and trying in vain to gather yourself together there, why not have five or six rooms dotted about the city?

Georges Perec

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Project History

Grundriss #1FilmInstallation

Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft Gießen Deutschland
Part of:Theatermaschine 201010/06/201013/06/2010

Grundriss #1FilmInstallation

Schwankhalle Bremen Deutschland
Part of:OUTNOW! 201028/05/20105/06/2010