Making Of


ein Original mit Untertiteln in 24 Einzelbildern pro Stunde

Project Types

  • Installation
  • Performance

A red velvet curtain seems to envelop the auditorium. It is not fabric, but a projection. Suddenly the virtual velvet curtain liquefies and turns into a torrent of blood running across the screen. Cut.

A big eye looks at us. A knife pierces it and cuts through the pupil. The red velvet curtain falls. Cut. The curtain goes up in flames. A suitcase is carried onto the stage. It contains a red velvet curtain, which is hung up like a fourth wall. The credits are projected onto it. Cut.

Making Of is an artistic research project about the relationship between theater and cinema. It is an attempt to implement the aesthetic conventions and viewing/listening habits of one medium in that of the other. Swoosh Lieu transfers the world of cinema onto the stage, as they try to show something without hiding it. By combining the media of film and theater, the performance becomes a hyperspace that simultaneously that simutaneously creates and exposes the illusion. Screen and stage merge to produce a space in which different media play with two- and three-dimensionality and the spectator’s gaze shifts between independent observation and subjectively guided viewing. The cinema is the movie; the theater is its Making Of.

Project Details