</A “Manifesto” of= {every} One.s Own>


Project Types

  • Installation

»a woman must have money and a room of her own… hence, enlightened, responsible and sensationalist women have no choice but to overthrow the government… to let hundreds of stories and genders bloom… to embrace masturbation… for Bitches are beautiful… and we have nothing to lose – except our fear.«

Manifestos have accompanied feminist movements since the very beginning. Their authors criticize the status quo, imagine new futures, call for the collective solidarity of a »we« and state demands. When Virginia Woolf wrote her manifesto »A Room of One’s Own« in 1929, she could probably not have imagined that almost a hundred years later, people would still be fighting for spaces, access and independence. So many of the feminist manifestos of the last century still read as surprisingly contemporary.
In the installation </A “Manifesto” of= {every} One.s Own>, visitors encounter an archive of texts, sounds and images, an ensemble of stage technology and an artificial intelligence with whom they collaborate to assemble the puzzle pieces of past struggles into new contexts. At the same time, the installation explores the encoded space as a place to conceive of collective political action while following the traces of feminist history to engage with possibilities of a utopian future.


Project Details


  • Swoosh LieuConcept, text, technical realisation
  • bleeptrack (Sabine Wieluch)Programming
  • Hannah FitschExpert advise
  • Lou OelrichResearch and assistance
  • Annett HardegenProduction management
  • Iana BoitcovaTechnical assistance
  • Elena SchmidtVoice
  • ehrliche arbeit - freies KulturbüroTranslation
  • studio lärmAudio recordings
  • Kornelia Kugler / Systrar Productionsphotos


A production by Swoosh Lieu in co-production with Ballhaus Ost, Künstler:innenhaus Mousonturm, Frauenreferat Frankfurt and Frankfurter Kranz. Supported by the AUTONOM fund of Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Swoosh Lieu are supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Frankfurt am Main.

Project History

Maayan Danoch/Julia Mihály/Swoosh Lieu/Rotem Volk (Tel Aviv/Frankfurt) home@Mousonturm/private space – public space – virtual space

  • Podiumsdiskussion
Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt Deutschland
Part of:home.frankfurt.telaviv3/05/20227/05/2022

Eintritt frei, aus Platzgründen müssen trotzdem Tickets gebucht werden.

</A “Manifesto” of= {every} One.s Own>Installation

  • Première
Ballhaus Ost Berlin Deutschland

Installation für eine Person, Einlass jeweils zur vollen Stunde. 24.03.22 - 19-21 Uhr // 25.03.22 - 13-21 Uhr // 26.03.22 - 13-21 Uhr //