Do it yourself together


eine Anleitung für die Demo aus dem Wohnzimmer in drei Schritten

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To build feminist dwellings, we need to dismantle what has already been as- sembled; we need to ask what it is we are against, what it is we are for, knowing full well that this we is not a foundation but what we are working toward. (…) Where there is hope, there is difficulty. Hope is not at the expense of struggle but animates a struggle; hope gives us a sense that there is a point to working things out, working things through. Hope does not only or always point toward the future, but carries us through when the terrain is difficult, when the path we follow makes it harder to proceed.Hope is behind us when we have to work for something to be possible.

from: Sara Ahmed, Living a feminist Live

At the invitation of Deutschlandfunk, Swoosh Lieu searches for the feminist ‘we’ in times of Corona, for possibilities to be in solidarity from home. In a short soundwalk you are instructed for a demo at home. Now? Now!

We move. We unite. We gather.

Part of the production: Soundwalks for those at home – Ten instructions for exceptions and other conditions

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What happens at home has always been political for us. Now we do politics at home.
We are working on change. We practice solidarity. Beyond nation and the normative family. We seek connections. Our attempts, our hashtags, our banners and messages are the link to our utopia.
We move. We join. We gather.
Take action.
Take care.

From: »Do it yourself together«

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As part of »Soundwalks für Daheimgebliebene – Zehn Anleitungen für Ausnahmen und andere Zustände«

by and with:
Sven Amtsberg, Jim Avignon, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Jens Brand und Prof. Timm John von der Freien Universität Berlin, Institut für Geologische Wissenschaften, katharinajej, Stefan Kaegi und Niki Neecke (music), Schorsch Kamerun, Swoosh Lieu (Katharina Pelosi and Rosa Wernecke) and Heinrich Horwitz (voice), LIGNA, Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag and Philine Velhagen

Technical realisation: The artists and Lew-Lyn Rectenwald
Dramaturgy: Tina Klopp
Production: Dlf 2020

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