Who Moves?!


eine mehrspurige Montage der Beweggründe

Project Types

  • Radio Play

Still. Multiple tracks with moved voices. A polyphony.

Boats, trains, fences, camps, the open sea, crowds of people in transit – these are some of the common visualizations of migration that dominate the media. But who is actually creating these pictures and how do they portray womxn? What alternative narratives can pictures tell us if we disassemble and reassemble them together, when points of view and perspectives become audible?

Swoosh Lieu invited ten women to join them in the recording studio to review some images. Together, they took a feminist look at a pictorial atlas on the subject of “migration” on the montage table of motives. In a collective search for positions, the voices turn the images into an open-ended, acoustic narrative. What sets womxn over generations and in various political contexts voluntarily or involuntarily in motion? Why do they cross borders? What are they fighting for? What power do images have? Who is given a voice? Who speaks about whom? Who takes privileges into consideration? And who listens?

Call it polyphonic if you want. Or call it: following multiple tracks.
One thing is clear: politics always determine who is listening and who is speaking.

The radio play “Who Moves?!” is a montage of motives. A performative attempt to describe the comfort zone. An assembly of languages in motion. An acoustic essay about leaving things open.

  • Radio Play for International Women’s Day 2019
  • Nominated for Radio Play of the Month March 2019

Radio is undoubtedly the perfect medium for "Who Moves?!". It is fascinating to witness over the course of the radio play how the assembled sound performers' statements together quasi appropriate the visual space via their analysis in acoustic orbit. The play sounds out the depths of artistically used acoustic effect. Individual statements are connected throughout via musical elements characterized by subtle beats. (…) "Who Moves?!" is a very convincingly-made radio play. It is politically pertinent, conceptually sound, and aesthetically highly subtle – all in one. The sometimes clearly audible 'migrant’s accent' of the contributing interviewees provides a welcome contrast to typical German radio.

Project Details


  • Interview PartnersSaamah Abdelkader, Kathy Braun, Tania Mancheno, Kathrin Schuchardt, Nuriyana Iwanova, Lea Rzadtki, Asmara Habtezion, Newroz Duman
  • VoicesVernesa Berbo, Kenda Hmeidan
  • CompositionKatharina Pelosi
  • Technical RealizationAngelika Körber, Christian Alpen, Manuel Glowczewski
  • Assistant DirectorVerena Katz
  • DirectorsKatharina Pelosi, Rosa Wernecke
  • DramaturgyMichael Becker


Thanks to:

Irina Agaeva, Johanna Castell, Miriam Edding, Caroline Froelich, Greta Granderath, Donata Hasselmann, Elisa Liepsch, Tanja van de Loo, Hava Morina, Stawrula Panagiotaki, Johanna Seitz, Lani Tran Duc, Milena Wichert and Maya Weinberg

A production of the Norddeutscher Rundfunk in cooperation with Deutschlandradio 2019

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