A Room of Our Own


Performance for Browser and variable audience

Project Types

  • Film

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write,” wrote Virginia Woolf in her 1929 essay ‘A Room of One’s Own’. Over 90 years later this allegory of financial and spatial independence is more relevant than ever. While we experience an antifeminist backlash during the crisis caused by the Corona virus, women are repeatedly finding that doors are being closed to them and their spaces are becoming smaller or being taken away entirely. In an audio-visual adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s text, Swoosh Lieu inquire into what the spaces must look like where we can emancipate ourselves and find self-fulfilment. What means do we need to use to talk about and imagine these spaces in order to actually allow them to come into being? Based on these questions, the camera moves through the empty theatre space during lockdown, exploring places and perspectives, visibilities and volumes, points of access and limitations. In between, it dives into real and virtual imaginary spaces, disappears into green screens and disco balls – until it finally takes off to a new horizon, beyond which there is room for everyone and we are not alone.

Project Details


  • Johanna CastellConcept, Scenography, Lights
  • Katharina PelosiConcept, Composition, Sound Design, Text
  • Rosa WerneckeConcept, Edit, Lab Camera, Text
  • Verena KatzAssistant and Dramaturgical Advisor
  • Katharina OltAssistant Scenographer
  • Jones Seitz, Stine HertelTechnical Support
  • Marie Zahir Camera
  • Birte SchnöinkSpeaker
  • Mariana SenneLab Actress
  • IphigenieDog
  • Barbara LanzaroteAnimation
  • Sally ShamasColorist
  • Freya KathmannDrone Footage
  • Francesca d‘AthImplementation Website
  • ehrliche arbeit – freelance office for cultureTranslation
  • Sebastian Schackert Lighting Technician
  • Manuel GlowczewskiAudio Mix
  • Planet Earth Studio, BerlinVoice Recordings
  • Johanna CastellProduction Management
  • Gefährliche ArbeitTechnical Production


  • Team Willy Brandt Platz: Johanna Castell, Stine Hertel, Katharina Olt, Verena Katz, Katharina Pelosi, Jones Seitz, Rosa Wernecke, Marie Zahir
  • Wombx Families: Jamila Adler, Johannes Aue, Elena Barta, Johanna Castell, BeyondTech featuring nichtichx2, Ben Hartmann, Ranyana Herzog, Heinrich Horwitz, Henri Jakobs, Anna Kellermann, Mahtab Khedri, Daniel Loick, Katharina Pelosi, Carola Schaal, Emel Schattner, Marie Simms, Joel Vogel, Laura Villalba y Weinberg, Rosa Wernecke
  • We wish to thank: Dr. Susanne Brey, Dietrich Krüger, Frieder Miller, Selina Stefaniak, Daniel Zimmermann, das Team vom Frankfurt LAB, das Team vom Mousonturm.
  • Based on texts by: Virginia Woolf, Donna Haraway, Legacy Russell, Ursula K. Le Guin, Paul B. Preciado, Margarita Tsomou, LECKEN, VNS Matrix, Antonia Baehr
  • A Swoosh Lieu production, produced in context of the webresidency “Home – Frankfurt – Tel Aviv” and coproduced by the Künstler:innenhaus Mousonturm. Swoosh Lieu is funded by the Department of Culture of the City of Frankfurt am Main.

Project History

Verbindungsstücke Villa Kamogawa Kyoto

CLB Berlin Berlin Deutschland

Die Ausstellung läuft vom 28.4. bis zum 14.5.2022

A Room of Our OwnFilm

A Room of Our OwnFilm

Digitaler Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main Deutschland

A Room of Our OwnFilm

Die Blaue Wand Digital Frankfurt am Main Deutschland

A Room of Our OwnFilm

Hessische Theatertage Marburg Deutschland

Video on Demand

A Room of Our OwnFilm

Nachtkritik Online Deutschland
Part of:Zoom in: Festival zum Netztheater in der Freien Szene15/04/202117/04/2021

A Room of Our OwnFilm

Kampnagel Hamburg Deutschland

Das Video ist ab dem 01.04. um 17 Uhr bis zum 03.04. online on demand abrufbar / the video is online from 1rst of april 5 pm until 3rd of april

A Room of Our OwnFilm

Part of:Home - Frankfurt - Tel Aviv // Online für 24 Stunden von 15 Uhr am 07.03.2021 bis 15 Uhr am 08.03.2021

Das Video ist vom 07.03.2021 um 15 Uhr bis zum 08.03.2021 um 15 Uhr online. The Video is online from March 7th at 3 pm (CET) until March 8th at 3 pm (CET)

A Room of Our OwnFilm

  • Première
DMT (Digitaler Mousonturm) Online Frankfurt Deutschland

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