Caring for / from the Future


What does our everyday life look like after the care revolution? How do we live, how do we love, who takes care of us? And do we actually still work?

The feminist performance and media art collective Swoosh Lieu has invited people to imagine such a future. The utopia formulated in the present tense makes another life seem tangible. Between interviews, pans and zooms flash up on places in the city that bear other functions in this speculative future: administrations for unconditional basic income, multigenerational living in the middle of the center, care councils.

Together, the residents dream of a society in which gender roles are broken down, sexist, classist and racist discrimination is a thing of the past, and the care revolution has ensured a good life for all.

Screenshot aus dem Film

Project Details


  • Johanna CastellConcept, Production
  • Katharina PelosiConcept, Sound
  • Rosa WerneckeConcept, Video


With: Jamila Akhardid, Simone Dede Ayivi, Aleksandra Borys, Caro Froelich, Franziska Haug, Samah Hijawi, Linda Kagerbauer, Anna Kellermann, Melissa E. Logan, Corinna Nachtwey, Inga Gerner Nielsen, Marius Packbier, Marlene Peter-Schmit, Aïlien Reyns, Esther Schietinger, Aboulkacem Younès

Comissioned by the Goethe Instituts Brüssel 2021

Project History